A few words about us

Why FoWOP?

Future of Work and Organizational Psychology is a collective of academics and practitioners across the world in the field of work psychology who are actively contributing to a future of academics of Work and Organizational Psychology that is sustainable, relevant to society, and protects and promotes the integrity and dignity of individuals within and beyond the workplace.

  • 2017Symposium in Dublin

    During the symposium, held at EAWOP 2017, some of the initial key ideas that are foundational for FoWIOP were explored. This created the momentum for the meeting occurring one year later.
  • 2018FoWOP was born

    In the Small Group Meeting in Breda, the Netherlands, the first ideas of FoWOP were rooted. Around 50 work psychologists gathered for three days to discuss the future of our field.
  • 2019FoWOP DAY in Turin

    A FoWOP Day is organized in the EAWOP 2019 congress in Turin, Italy.
  • 2020Coronavirus Response Group created

    A paper co-authored by FOWOP members is published in the SA Journal of Industrial Psychology. You can read the paper here.
  • 2022Small Group Meeting in Brussels

    The meeting, organized in Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, focused on developing practical tools and practices that can be used to build a sustainable future for WOP. Several interactive events, including workshops, hack-a-thons, lightening talks and unconference sessions were delivered. The details can be found here.
  • 2023The FoWOP Day in Katowice

    Themed as "Desire, hope and imagination - Utopia in work and organizational psychology," the FOWOP Day is organized in the EAWOP 2023 congress in Katowice, Poland.
  • 2023Special Issue on Critical Perspectives in AP:IR

    Special Issue on Critical Perspectives in Work and Organizational Psychology (CWOP) is edited by Ruth Abrams, P. Matthijs Bal, Premilla D'Cruz, Severin Hornung, Gazi Islam, Matthew McDonald, Zoe Sanderson, Maria José Tonelli and published in Applied Psychology: International Review. The call for papers can be found here. You can reach the special issue here.


Workplace Dignity as Alternative Paradigm in Organisational Studies

Prof. Matthijs Bal presenting his Inaugural Lecture on Workplace Dignity as Alternative Paradigm in Organisational Studies, at the Lincoln International Business School.


How we organize

FOWOP is a grassroots collective. Apart from occasional event or project funding, we have no income or paid staff, and little infrastructure. Everything we do is a result of people generating ideas for change and voluntarily working towards them together. The network simply helps to connect and co-ordinate us. We try our best to be non-hierarchical, inclusive, and friendly.