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Work and Organizational Psychology in the Era of Grand Challenges

Integrating Theories and Practices for Addressing Social Inequalities and Environmental Sustainability

Catholic University Milan, Italy

8-10 July 2024

In our contemporary global context, where social inequalities and environmental catastrophes cast shadows on diverse communities, WOP stands at a pivotal crossroads. While some populations remain shielded, vulnerable groups face increasing challenges, necessitating responses from both political and grassroots levels. In this milieu, academic activism, exemplified by movements like "Scientists for Future," is gaining momentum. Yet, WOP, despite its potential, has been somewhat reserved in addressing the interconnected challenges that define our era.

Against this backdrop, the SGM introduces three tracks, each offering a distinct lens through which we can unravel the complexities of work, social inequalities, and environmental sustainability. Scholars and practitioners are invited to contribute their insights and research within these tracks.

  • Track 1: Building WOP theories and practices for a sustainable environment: In this track, we want to combine the expertise of WOP scholars and activists to improve the protection and restoration of the natural environment and the climate. 
  • Track 2: Building WOP theories and practices to combat inequalities: This track focuses on taking a critical stance on the role of WOP in reducing inequalities in workplaces and beyond. Additionally, we want to identify theories and practices that effectively reduce inequalities.  
  • Track 3: Integrating WOP theories and practices to improve social welfare and protect the environment: This track seeks to integrate WOP theories and practices with radical well-being approaches to sustainability, such as “Buen vivir” (Gudynas, 2011) “Décroissance” (Asara et al., 2015) and “L’art de vivre en paix” (Weil, 1993).

This meeting serves as a catalyst for change, urging WOP scholars to navigate the inherent paradox in the discipline. As we traverse the intersection of work, social inequalities, and environmental sustainability, we invite you to contribute to a collective response that goes beyond traditional approaches. Join us in Milan as we embark on a journey towards meaningful solutions, navigating the intricate balance between organizational interests and the well-being of individuals in the face of grand challenges.

As this event builds on fruitful discussion, we want to encourage all interested scholars and activists to join us in Milano. If you do not have a contribution, please register under the following link or the QR code by 10 June 2024:

The fees to participate are €50,00 for students and PhD students and €100,00 for all others.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Milano!

Chiara Corvino, Mara Gorli, Thomas Höge, Severin Hornung, Franziska Kössler, Mehmet A. Orhan, Amalia Pérez-Nebra, Zoe Sanderson, Francesco Tommasi, Luca P. Vecchio (in alphabetical order)

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