Special Issue on “on Critical and Radical Humanist Work and Organizational Psychology” in Psychologie des Alltagshandelns is published
March 30, 2023
A New Critical Paper is Published in Management Learning
March 26, 2024

Meet us in Katowice – the FOWOP Day on May 24, 2023!

We are organizing the FOWOP Day on May 24, 2023, in Katowice, Poland!

Dear friends, supporters and members of FOWOP, the Community for the Future of Work and Organizational Psychology,

It might have been some time since we have been last in touch with you, but this does not mean we have been silent! There are new FOWOP initiatives and activities coming up, and we would like to welcome all newcomers to the network!

At the moment, we are busy preparing the FOWOP Day, a full day to celebrate our FOWOP activities and community, which will take place on the Wednesday before the EAWOP 2023 will take place (in Katowice, Poland). You can find more information about the EAWOP conference here, and more importantly, more information about the FOWOP Day (24 May 2023, themed: Desire, hope and imagination - Utopia in work and organizational psychology) via this link: https://eawop2023.org/fd1-workshop/.

If you are intending to be at the EAWOP, you are most welcome to spend the FOWOP day with us! Registration for the FOWOP day can be done as part of registering for the EAWOP conference.

As we are a democratic, bottom-up network, we are inviting all of you to submit ideas, proposals, etc. for the FOWOP day. So if you have an idea for the FOWOP day, a topic you want to talk about, an activity you would to do at the FOWOP Day, please do get in touch with us, so we can be truly inclusive, and get your input into the day! If you want to help co-organising, you are most welcome!

Of course, we will explore and dive deeply into the theme of the FOWOP Day, and will also have sessions around the topics relevant to FOWOP (e.g., health in academia, equality, critical wop, and climate change). We can also promise some exciting and thought-provoking entertainment (as we did at EAWOP in Turin!). Stay tuned for more.

We hope to see you in Katowice, and please do get in touch with your ideas and input for the FOWOP day! If you have any questions about the FOWOP Day or about registration, do get in touch!

All the best from the organizing committee

Organizing Committee: Franziska Kößler, Yvonne van Rossenberg, Sidra Liaqat, Edina Dóci, Zoe Sanderson, Severin Hornung, Sandiso Bazana, Dieu Hack-Polay and Matthijs Bal

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